These places will welcome the lotus notice in large blizzards.

These places will welcome the lotus notice in large blizzards.

Image Source: China Weather Network has released a lot of suspensions to be influenced by snowfall and cold wave weather, and publish a non-suspension notice.

In the Beiwen District, Heilongjiang Province, Beilin District, 8-9, transfer to the online teaching, according to the weather forecast, 8-9 Kasihua City Beilin District, Heilongjiang Province, will have large to Blizzard, Suihua City has launched major weather disasters (Blizzard) III Level emergency response.

Suihua City Beilin District Education Bureau issued a notice, the North Forest District primary and secondary schools and kindergartens on the 8-9th to launch a line.

Jilin Province Changchun City School of Education, the Changchun Municipal Education Bureau news, according to the Changchun Municipal Meteorological Bureau on November 8 meteorological information, it is expected that the rain and snow is affected in the next 24 hours, and the road is covered and frozen, and the Changchun City Traffic There is a big impact, in order to ensure the safety of the students, the Changchun Municipal Government study, November 9, the city, the urban area, the development zone obligation section of the school (including kindergarten), continued to stop the class (Tuesday), school bus stop, high school stages Shuangyang District, Jiudai District, Nong’an County, Dehui City, Yushu City, and Gongzhuling City will adjust the working time from the local weather.

Liaoning Shenyang City, all kinds of schools (kindergartens) were suspended in the Shenyang Education Bureau issued a notice, and all kinds of schools (kindergartens) at all levels of the city were suspended, and the school bus stopped. The city’s school training agencies stop all training activities on November 8. Shandong Jinan City Secondary and Secondary Schools (Kindergarten) suspension Shandong Jinan Education Bureau notice, (Editor: Wen Wei, Deng Zhihui) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.