The man’s heart stop medical staff decisively enabled the AED first aid in Wuhan Metro Station.

The man’s heart stop medical staff decisively enabled the AED first aid in Wuhan Metro Station.

People’s Network Wuhan December 7 On December 7th, on the early morning of the Wuhan Metro platform, a man suddenly fell to the place, universities. Several medical staff immediately strive, saved, decisively enabled the automotive exemption (AED) of the subway, successfully saved young life. At 7:50 in the morning, Wuhan University People’s Hospital (Hubei Provincial People’s Hospital) Neurology Nurse Wang Yaqi went to Wuhan Metro Zhongjiacun Station to go to the hospital.

After getting off on the Line 6, she is close to the opposite platform to prepare for transfer.

When she passed the escalator, she saw a man in the crowd lying on the ground, unpaid personnel, several subway staff were around him. At that time, he was working early, Wang Yaqi started this man, because he did not have breakfast, which caused hypoglycemia.

When she was "more glanced", she found the man’s face.

With solid first aid, Wang Yaqi immediately realized that the situation was wrong.

Wang Yiqi quickly kneel down his body, leaned over to explore the man’s vital signs, and found that the man in the ground has lost its own consciousness, and the carotid pulse disappeared. Wang Yaqi immediately explained the man’s coat and started the heart of the lung recovery.

After the subway staff on the scene, after the "120", it was broadcast in the subway station.

At this time, Yang Xin, who was in the Cardiology Nurses of the Wuhan University People’s Hospital on Metro Line 4, and took a car at Zhongjiacun.

When she arrived at the scene, three medical staff who had heard the news were alternate with Wang Yaqi to replace the heart and lung recovery. Yang Xin has worked for 16 years in the emphasis on the heart of the heart, she judged that the man was likely to be a cardinal heart.

Yang Xin made the subway staff to remove the automatic body exemption (AED) in the subway, skilled, attached the electrode sheet to the chest on both sides, according to the prompt, judged through the AED, continue the cardiopulmonary recovery, and made a discharge Conversion operation.

After receiving electrical removal, the man recovered the superfined self-breathing, with a weak heartbeat. Subsequently, according to the AED voice prompt, the medical staff at the scene once again turned the heart and lung recovery until "120" medical staff rushed to the scene.

If you don’t worry about the doctor, Wang Yaqi and Yang Xin also rushed to the nearest hospital with "120".

After arriving, the two and the hospital emergency department will quickly transfer the doctor’s condition. Further inspection is further examined that the male blood oxygen saturation has returned to nearly 100. When the vital signs are stable, the two hanging from the two people finally fall. After the rescue is successful, Wang Yaqi and Yang Xin also took the subway to the post of Wuhan University People’s Hospital. They said that they did not hesitate when they were saved, and they were first to find that the condition was a professional instinct of medical staff.

In addition, the two are also very glad to configure AED in Wuhan Metro Station, which greatly improves the pre-hospital first aid effect of heart death. It is reported that this is the second place in the AED full coverage, and the second party is used to rescue passengers. (Zhang Pei, Zou Yaqin) (Editor: Guan Xiyan, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.