Western media: cold does not necessarily "freeze"

Western media: cold does not necessarily "freeze"

On December 5, according to the "20-minute report" website on November 21, we often hear this kind of statement: must wear warm, otherwise it will catch cold. Indeed, it is undeniable that we are easy to catch cold in the autumn and winter season, and the flu case will also surf, but why do this happen? Will we catch cold because of cold? If we do it warmer, will you infect flu viruses? Spanish Pharmacist Cristina Fernandess answered these questions.

According to reports, cold and respiratory virus infections are always pairs, and the name of the cold cold is from this.

Fernandes lists a series of data. She said: If we analyze the monitoring data of the flu epidemic in 2019 and 2020, it will find that the flu activity begins in the 45th week of 2019 (early in early November), and it returns to the basic level on the 13th week of 2020 (late March). . However, the report pointed out that this undeniable connection does not mean that only because of cold, we will have a cold. Because the prerequisites of colds are, we must contact with viruses that causing a cold.

Cool is cold and cold is a common known to the body, such as when there is no enough warm clothes, some parts of the body are wetted by cold water, or sudden changes in temperature, etc.

However, we must remember that although our body can’t operate normally in the case of too low body temperature, the cold itself will not make us sick, causing the sullen bulprin of respiratory symptoms to the bullion of viruses or bacterial infections.

So, why are we more likely to suffer from an influenza cold when it is cold? Fernanders believes that there may be the following reasons:.