Shandong "Qilu Import Loan" in the first month of loan investment exceeded 70 million yuan

Shandong "Qilu Import Loan" in the first month of loan investment exceeded 70 million yuan

  On May 10th, Jinan Longxiang Food Co., Ltd. successfully received a 5 million yuan loan provided by the ICBC Shandong Branch. This is also the first place in the Shandong Provincial "Qilu Import Loan" policy.

From the promulgation of the policy on May 5th to the end of May, there were 15 existing companies with "Qilu Import Loan" with a lending amount of 71.58 million yuan.

  "The annual interest rate of this loan is far lower than that of ordinary commercial loans, and it takes only 3 days from our demand to the final placement, which is very efficient.

"Jinan Longxiang Food Co., Ltd.’s financial leader Lian Chunbo introduced that as a foreign trade enterprise focusing on processing and sales of foods imported from South America, in recent times, due to the affected by the epidemic and the appreciation of the US dollar, it has difficulty in corporate funds turnover. Therefore, Longxiang Food submitted a financing application through a comprehensive credit service platform for SMEs. "After looking at the information, the company’s needs were pushed to us as soon as possible.

By checking the customs customs declaration forms, tax bills, and customs corporate credit rating and other materials and data, we conducted a credit rating of Longxiang Food, and then connected with the members of the provincial investment and financing guarantee group system to provide loan services for the enterprise.

"The relevant person in charge of the ICBC Shandong Branch said. In order to help foreign trade enterprises relieve difficulties, in May, the Provincial Department of Commerce, together with the Provincial Local Financial Supervision Bureau and the People’s Bank of China Jinan Branch, launched the" Qilu Import Loan "policy to alleviate the financing of small and medium -sized imports enterprises. The problem of difficult and expensive financing, together with the "Lu Trade Loan" policy of the export business of the original service enterprise in Shandong Province to achieve full coverage of the import and export business of small, medium and micro enterprises in foreign trade. Adjustment, support for small branch, market -oriented operation and policy incentives are synchronized. It gives priority support for imports of resources, high -tech equipment, and agricultural products, and guide imported enterprises in Shandong Province to optimize import structures.

Wu Yazhuo, deputy director of the Finance Department of the Provincial Department of Commerce, said: "We found in the tank that small and medium -sized enterprises with large financing problems in importing companies are often small and medium -sized enterprises, so we stipulate that the imports in the past 12 months have not exceeded 20 million US dollars. Only enterprises can enjoy preferential policies and achieve precise policies for about 96%of the province.