"Four comprehensive" makes China governing the national rules more clear

"Four comprehensive" makes China governing the national rules more clear

Recently, the People’s Daily launched several heavy-to-use branches after wear, multiple communication, and the coordination promoted "four comprehensive", pointed out that this is the new creation of our party to governing the country and the times, Marx A new leap combined with Chinese practices.

"Although the General Secretary Xi Jinping has made a series of important discussion in different occasions, in public reports," four comprehensive "and mention, the first time, the meaning is deep.

Building a well-off society in an all-round way, fully deepening the reform, and comprehensively governing the country according to law, comprehensive from the strict governance of the party, is a firm choice for China’s self-confidence, based on the actual choice of China, and summarizes China’s experience, strategic thinking. This major strategic thinking is proposed not only let us see the Chinese Dream Remote Remnant, but also clearly demonstrate the development strategic layout of my country.

In foreign media, "four comprehensive" is "China’s Strategic Blueprint", which is a formal declaration of the top design and overall architecture of Towne 10, will become the authoritative guidelines of China’s future development.

And the author believes that "four comprehensive" is not only a comprehensive summary of the new leadership collective governance of the General Secretary Xi Jinping, but also the important core of "sexual theory", and is leading China’s step foot. Talking to the future. "Comprehensive construction of a well-off society" is the total goal of the 18th National Congress. It is the key step in realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. General Secretary Xi Jinping has made a flat expression of the overall goal of building a well-off society: "Better education, More stable work, more satisfactory income, more reliable social security, higher levels of medical and health services, more comfortable living conditions, more beautiful environment "" Children can grow better, work better, life It is better … It can be said that this well-off society is a well-off society in the real benefit of more than a billion population of the development reform. It is a well-off society in the overall development of economic, political, cultural, social and ecological civilization. The Total Goal of "Comprehensive Reform" is "Improved and Developing Chinese Characteristic Socialism, Promoting National Governance System and Governance Capability." This determines that we will never simply move Western model, but in accordance with the requirements of improving and developing a socialist system of Chinese characteristics, modernization of national governance system and governance ability, researching issues by the idea of ??the maximum number of conventions, Resolve the problem, through self-improvement, self-development path to aggregate, integrate zetarian, promote social progress.

"Comprehensive implementation of the country" is the only way to solve a series of major issues facing the current development path.

It is the so-called "strong national strong national strength, and the law is weak.

"The rule of law is the core value of modern society, but also the most basic way of modern national governing the country, the most vivid feature.

General Secretary Xi Jinping has put comprehensive deepening reforms and comprehensive legality to the country as "two wings of birds", which emphasizes the leading and promotion of the rule of law, so that the "breaking" and "standing", reflecting the rule of law. The spirit makes the rule of law become the crimp stone of reform.

"Comprehensively from severely administered to the party" is both "four comprehensive" solid foundations and "four comprehensive" core elements.

Running China’s things, the key is in the party, the key is people; governing the country must first rule the party, and the party must be strict.

Highlighting the main line of strict treatment of the party, it is to further implement the responsibility of the management party, and accelerate the formation of the whole world from stricting party, in order to fully build a well-off society, fully deepen the reform, and fully promote the provision of the law. Organizational guarantee.

"Four Comprehensive" is both flags and grips, making the key links, key areas of the party and national work in the current and future, and the direction of the main attack. As the People’s Daily commentator said, "Standing in history and future intersection, the greater journey is in front of us.

"Taking Xi Jinping is the new leadership collective of General Secretary," China Dream "is the beginning of" Two One hundred Years "struggle as a guide, with comprehensive deepening reform, and fully promotes according to law to the two wings, comprehensively Strictly govern the party is fundamental guarantee, coordinating the two largest in China, leading the rise of China to the world’s socialist countries.