More than 4,000 high -quality positions are waiting! "Tai Xin

More than 4,000 high -quality positions are waiting! "Tai Xin

  Original title: More than 4,000 high -quality positions are waiting! "Taixin-Comprehensive Reform" special job fair was held on May 27th. More than 4,000 high -quality positions in the company are waiting.

This is one of the six school -enterprise docking "cloud recruitment" activities organized by the province’s recent employment of college graduates. School -enterprise docking the "Cloud Recruitment" activity is one of the series of "benefit the people’s lifelong employment" series of activities carried out by our province. The event is hosted by the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security and the Provincial Department of Education. The Provincial Employment Service Bureau and the Taiyuan Municipal Human Resources and Social Affairs Bureau are organized. With the theme of "Skills and Dreams, Employment and Employment", 6 online recruitment and docking meetings are held. Among them, on May 25th and 27th, there are two special recruitment fairs of "Taixin-Comprehensive Reform"; on June 1 and 2nd, they are special job fairs for private enterprises; on June 8th and 10th Dedicated job fair.

The activity adopts the "provincial and city, county -county -level linkage, online and offline combination, and promotion of recruitment inside and outside the province", and continuously builds supply and demand docking platforms to serve college graduates, skill talents and other group employment and market entities.

The event set up inter -provincial school -enterprise docking negotiations, organized universities in the province to dock online with more than 1,300 enterprises in Hangzhou and Dongguan, and establish cooperation intentions.

  Graduates such as colleges and universities can log in to the live broadcast room through the entrances of the organizer and the organizer of the organizer, WeChat public account, etc., and connect with the employer online.

During the event, Shanxi Talent Network established the online area of ??"Skills and Dreams of Employment", and dynamically released more than 1,000 enterprises’ employment needs. On the same day, the "Taixin-Comprehensive Reform" special recruitment fair attracted 10,000 people into the online live room, delivering 1767 resumes.

During the live broadcast, the entrepreneurial policy of college graduates, entrepreneurial guarantee loan policies, and Shanxi Entrepreneurship Project Library were also conducted. Relevant enterprises and institutions entrepreneurial coffee shared entrepreneurial experience.

(Reporter Gao Jianhua).